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Art Class

About us...

We are passionate about bringing creative arts to the local community. 

Art is for everyone. We believe that we all possess innate artistic talent that is just waiting to flow. 

Our "no fail" approach to teaching ensures that our students enjoy the creative process as they learn to play again. It is through the exploration of mediums and the properties of the materials you work with that discovery and  learning takes place. 

Art is a therapy that calms the mind and takes you to another place. Being mindful of the present as you are immersed in the creative process contributes to a relaxed state of mind.

Believe that you can achieve and you will! We help you discover your true artistic style and abilities.

Our values are based on inclusiveness and welcome community members from diverse backgrounds.

We prefer to focus on ability rather than disability.

No matter where you are in your art journey, you are welcome at The Art Hub.

Join us for a class or workshop or just come and sit, chat, watch a class in action, ask questions and meet new friends. 

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